Customer Service Excellence

To be competitive you must satisfy your customers, and you will only know how well you are satisfying your customers if you measure their satisfaction levels.

When customers have to deal in areas with which they're not familiar they often feel insecure and slightly threatened. It's important that you project a feeling of competence which will convince the customer they've come to the right place.

You lose more business not because of poor product but inferior service and poor treatment. If the customer's first impression of your company is a lousy one, they won't be back to give you a second chance. Treat your customers the way you expect to be treated whenever you are a customer.

How do you dazzle and delight dissatisfied customers? What's the best way to retain and regain customer loyalty after a service breakdown has occurred? These and many such issues would be dealt with during the course of the programme. Satisfied customers return and send others; dissatisfied people do not! It has been estimated that it costs seven times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.

Program Contents :

  • Assessing your own customer service

  • Presenting a positive attitude

  • Identifying, understanding and fulfilling customer needs

  • Being innovative and creative in meeting customer needs

  • Measuring customer satisfaction

  • Winning over difficult Customers

  • Resolving customer complaints

  • Understanding the spiritual angle of caring for the customer

  • Educating customer on Company's vision

  • Helping customers take appropriate decisions

  • Working to develop a win-win relationship

  • Visioning future trends in customer care

  • Strategy & Action plan

Payoffs :

  • Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Achieve sustainable competitive advantage through customer care

  • Measure customer satisfaction

  • Elicit greater levels of customer loyalty and delight

  • Create collaborative relationship with customers

  • Empathize with the customer

  • Proactively care for the customer

Duration : Two Days

  • Contents will be customized as per the needs of the client