Negotiation Skills

We have all used negotiation skills since childhood and have continued to develop skills in adult life, with a partner, or with family members or friends or in team activities like sports, social but that doesn’t mean to say we are any good at it. How have we fared and do we know people who seem to “always get what they want” – why is that? Maybe they are just lucky! Or maybe they have subtle negotiating skills. Maybe we cannot resist others negotiation skills tactics.

Although of critical importance, negotiation skills isn’t restricted to Industrial relation disputes or agreements or supplier/customer contracts, every line manager uses negotiation skills in dealing with day to day operational problems and decision making, i.e. Negotiation skills sit at the heart of human relations.

How much better therefore could human relations, productivity, cost control etc. be, if personnel received negotiation skills training? What other skill is so cost effective?

Program Contents :

  • What is negotiation?

  • Stages of negotiation

  • Power assessment

  • Needs and tradeables

  • Types of negotiation

  • Phases of negotiation

  • Planning & preparation

  • Presentation

  • Tactics

  • Resolving differences

  • Difference between bargaining and win-win negotiation

  • Questioning techniques.

  • Strategy & Action Plan


  • Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Build rapport and goodwill with an opponent

  • Prepare effectively and efficiently, even when under time pressure

  • Understand the importance of negotiations and skills required

  • Understand the various strategies to apply to gain a win-win outcome

  • Effectively use influencing skills at the appropriate time

  • Secure power gain in a negotiation

Duration : One Day

  • Contents will be customized as per the needs of the client